Within the scope of the symposium, firstly just an extended summary is requested from the authors. A short summary is not required.Authors whose abstracts are accepted can send full text if they wish. Extended abstracts will be published in the abstract book, and the full texts sent will be sent to the journal editor after a detailed review by the scientific committee. Not all full texts are required to be published. In addition, it is mandatory that the full texts to be published in the journal are presented at the symposium.

The authors who will make presentations in Turkish within the content of the symposium are required to submit an extended summary in Turkish and English.  The extended abstract should preferably be 500-750 words long and not exceed two pages; It should clearly state the purpose, problem, method, findings and results of the study in subtitles. Subtitles in the extended summary, which must contain at least 5 keywords, may vary depending on the type of study.

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ReseArch ’20 meets other academic advances and ASSOCIATION criteria and all procedures, excluding the newly published incentive criteria. Subject to the referee process, abstracts will be published electronically with the ISBN number in electronic form. Optional full texts will be directed to the referee board of the sponsored journals and will enter the printing process if it is decided to be published.

You should organize your full text papers from the journals in the publication opportunities section in accordance with the spelling rules of the journal you want to publish and upload them to the journal system. During the upload process, the “abstract text in the ReseArch’20 International Architectural Research Symposium has been accepted in the note or explanation section to the editor.” It is important to include the phrase.

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